How miserable a bastard are you? (probably features a poll)

I find fancy dress parties an absolute fucking bore. I’ve been called a miserable bastard over this.

Your go.


let me count the ways


Proper miserable fucker reporting in.

Why do we have to go out and have pancakes with friends tonight? Can’t I just stay in?


I also hate fancy dress parties and I hate dancing. This leads to me being called a miserable bastard but I don’t think not liking something makes someone a miserable bastard and it would be weird if that same logic was applied to like, doing cross-stitch or something

I love dancing, what a miserable bastard you are.

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  • Ooh fancy dress, my favourite! I can’t wait to design my outfit and see what everyone else has come up with.
  • Oh, it’s fancy dress, that’s a nice change
  • Oh, it’s fancy dress, I wish it wasn’t, but I’ll make an effort I suppose.
  • Oh, it’s fancy dress. Well, I’m going as me then.
  • Fuck that noise, I’ll stay home. Who are you calling miserable?

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Going out for reasons of having a nice time

  • Socialising is fun! Will be nice to see my friends
  • F that tbh

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Good timing with the thread as today’s the last day of Carnaval, something you’d clearly hate.
This was my train ride home last night:

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Pretty miserable. Very rarely leave the house these days unless it’s for work or bike riding, or to go to the pub at the end of our road or to get food. Anything else can fuck off.


They could’ve at least practiced…

I don’t mind watching a carnival. Fuck participating in one, obvs.

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Quite miserable and moody. Doesn’t take much to put me in a foul mood.

I only get fomo when it’s missing out on gym classes :smiley:
i’m also very boring.

In their defence, it was a moving train and I’m not sure how they weren’t falling over.

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Haven’t been invited to a fancy dress for about 20 years - so no idea how I would react.

Last time I went as Gene Simmonds and put in a lot of effort

Last time there was a fancy dress event that I couldn’t get out of, I went as Fidel Castro.That sums me up pretty well, I think.

I’m the absolute life and soul as you well know, you miserable fuck!


Best Bane costume I’ve ever seen, tbh.


I am probably the least miserable bastard you’ll ever meet, unless I’m forced to do something like go to dinner or participate in organised fun.