How monitored are you whilst at work?


There appears to be no checking of what we’re up to online. No swiping in or out. Some CCTV in the foyer but that’s about it, I think.

Some interesting developments in the links below.


Seems unusually evil for amazon!


got paid for 6 days last week even though I only did 5. nobody is watching.

someone should kill all the billionaires now.


You don’t “win” patents ffs. I don’t sit here all day playing a patent lottery and hoping to win prizes.

To answer your question: barely monitored. I don’t care that much because I get my work done, and it’s definitely been a blessing in some respects, but on the other hand it means there’s no requirement for my colleagues to be diligent or competent and I get annoyed with the issues that causes me.


Not really.

They’d notice if I was not in, but in terms of output or when I’m actually around, not a chance. Incompetency and laziness more than design.


CCTV in the foyer, have to swipe into our office but that’s about it. No-one seems to give a shit as to what I do online and I take as many breaks as I want without anyone caring. Pretty relaxed all round.


Not very much but I am very paranoid and just sent a whole email chain to my manager and her manager in case there was any doubt about somehing I had done.

Like I would never go on here or anything. I have twitter on my work conputer cause its useful for research but thats it.


My team has had it pretty easy but we have a new boss as of this week so that will change. Other teams are plagued by narc managers who monitor everything. No one looks at our internet usage or whatever (so far as I know).


See me in my office.


When I started, 100%. Now about 20%. Got to work them systems, saps.