How much access should new users get?

This was mentioned in the Hookworms related thread

@anon35600300 makes a very important point and I haven’t been really tweaked the settings too much (mostly as there are so many settings!!)

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I think @1101010 wasn’t too thrilled about the chances of this happening which is fair enough - he’s the one (of several) who’d have to deal with it. I was thinking of some subreddits that don’t allow new accounts to post which can filter some crap out.

Maybe if a thread has a content warning or has #SSP we can agree on a lower threshold for suspensions of new accounts or deleting their responses?

Maybe create a subforun for sensetive discussions which is restricted based on user level, dont feel slapping restrictions on new users across the board woupd be too inviting

Wonder if there’s a way to only allow users who are level 1 to participate?

I think at the moment @trust_level_0 can only post a couple of posts per day.

i can see why it’s appealing for potentially sensitive threads but seems a bit stifling in more general terms? can imagine it putting off good eggs from getting involved too. how many people would sign up for an account, see they have to wait a few days before posting, and then just never be arsed coming back?

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Would only apply to sensitive threads not general non CW or SSP threads though. Have Amy new users made a valuable contribution to one of those types of threads lately?

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Tbh not a massive fan of a separate board, just seems like it would be underused by regular users and would point more persistent trolls to a regular watering hole

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Maybe just the upper right quarter? Like…


One problem is with OBT. He’ll set up a new username, post a few times innocuously, gain a higher trust level, then save the account for a few months later when he’ll start shitposting.

The problem with OBT is he always tries to walk it in


MetaFilter (which I hold as the high-watermark for well-moderated, respectful chat on the internet) makes you (a) pay $5 and (b) wait a week after paying $5 before you can post. Those two things seem to filter out 99% of the twats, and having paid mods who take no shit (and don’t pretend to care about your bullshit free-speech argument if you’re clearly just provoking) takes care of the last 1%.

(like DiS, though, they’ve been hit hard by the downturn in ad revenue and similarly hold regular funding drives amidst constant handwringing about whether the site is still viable…)

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My reply to this in the other thread (we ended up with three different threads that day) still stands:

I don’t know that anything can be do about shitposters. I would also point out we’d need to first show this is a problem we always experience with sensitive topics. It may be or if we looked at all of those topics me might find most don’t get hit by new users being banworthy at all.

A handful of former lurkers have appeared in thread’s to make good contributions in the last year or so - people moving house or breaking up with partners or losing jobs or having poorly MH tends to encourage people to post.

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Yes I was never suggesting that every new user would be banned just the ones making horrible victim blaming statements in threads like the bookworms one. What I’m suggesting would not apply to a thread about buying a house

Can you not ban people being clearly inflammatory or posting victim blaming statements because many of these ppl get banned after a bit anyway, and then the thread is derailed. It was in the pinegrove thread as well quite a bit.

Not having a go ofc, really appreciate that moding is a thankless task




Feel like if I’d banned Hoader for his first post we’d need some way to highlight these rules before someone signed up or else we’ll actually generate more problems.

Likewise I guess you’re saying to ban Ben and LukeCoin {or whatever his name was}.

I am personally uncomfortable with trying this level of banning with this mechanic. If there was a way to do an Are you sure? For any post like that in a thread maybe.


Going back to the thread it seems the biggest shitposter in there now is a longtime DiS editor and writer so it’s probably all a bit moot.