How much are you paying for

Including or excluding line rental?

Done and done.

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Nobody has a land line in 2018.

clicks the mug option

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Mobile contract (1 month rolling counts as a contract, obvs).

  • less than £10
  • £10-£14
  • £15-£19
  • £20-£24
  • £25-£29
  • £30+, but this isn’t a mug option because I really need that iPhone for… reasons

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FIZZING about this, jazzy.

got a great feeling about this thread…

I was on £8.44 this month, but i think it’s risen to a spot over £10, which i most definitely need to have a word about.

If you can get a deal or referral code for Plusnet, go with them.

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none of those. it’s between £34 and £35

Yeah I’m abandoning quite a few polls here preemptively.

I get cash back on TalkTalk, are Plusnet much better?


Plusnet are fucking useless

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€40 and I don’t have a good phone AND they keep making billing errors so have overcharged me by about 100 quid over the last 2 months and it’s fucking murder to get it back.

I wish all telecoms workers would lose their jobs

The thing I resent the amount I pay for most is a garage (or fackin’ lock up) which at £75 p/m is a massive rip off but it is right at my back gate so can then park in front of it.

I believe it to be around £28 including line rental and sky sports.

What do you keep in it?

At the end of the day, the connection and speeds for a particular house are pretty much the same for every provider who has to use the Openreach network - you’re paying for customer service and the router that they provide you with.

Plusnet come out significantly better than other providers, so if you can get their package for significantly less (and if setting up a new account with them involves about the same admin as transferring across the TalkTalk one), then I can recommend going with them.