How much battery is left on your handy

Is almost an irrelevance nowadays.

(part two of my mobile phone series)

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Tell you what, the battery life on this Pixel 3A XL is outstanding.

Have you noticed an issue with the contact of the charging cable in the phone? Mine has gone a bit funny and won’t charge at certain angles

Nope, but I’m not using the charging cable that came with it, for no other reason than there was already a perfectly good one already in the wall.

Fair enough.

53%. Chewing through it since I now have Bluetooth and WiFi on all the time.

Nice thread Balonz.

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I’ve turned off the Bluetooth as I ain’t hooking up to the car but might turn it on as I don’t give a fuck anymore.

Mine’s saying “Until 00.00”, which is good because I’m not planning on staying up that late.


Usually quite a judicious turner offer of Bluetooth but just cba at the moment.

I’m charging it up now


SAME HERE!!! (39%)


What a ride!