How much bread do you get through in a week?

Used to eat so much bread, love it so much. Used to love baking it as well.

Gluten twat now so basically non. Makes me properly sad tbh.

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One sourdough loaf…eaten over the weekend for breakfasts

One packet of pittas taken with me for lunch with soup or salad.
One packet that dark rye loaf MrS eats for lunches

Kids don’t take lunch/eat toast etc anymore so we’ve stopped buying standard sliced stuff

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Either a small loaf or 3/4 of a regular loaf (seeded - exclusively used for honey sandwiches).

1 or 2 mid sized sesame seed baguettes.

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Ok, we get a box of wonky bread every two weeks which is usually 8 crumpets, 12 wraps, 2 naan and some weird ciabatta. On top of that, I’d say a loaf of bread a week and 4-8 chapattis or rotis.


Top, top bread consumption work.

Four slices a day during the week if I’m at home, so about a loaf and a half of the bread we get.

1 loaf a week across work sandwiches and toast for breakfast, then maybe some part baked baguettes or tiger rolls at the weekend for a treat.

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what’s this please

Oh i dunno, some i guess. Since my youngest discovered chocolate spread the amount has gone up that’s for sure.

What i will tell you about my bread consumption is that i’ve really got on board with part baked baguettes at home. Brown, white, stonebaked…i’ll take 'em all! Bit of brie and it’s just like i’m working in town again with the 99p baguette shops. HAving anything between 3 and 6 a week at the moment i reckon.

Depends if its a tomato soup phase or not

You get the occasional monster wrap but usually the only notable defects is the crumpets have extra bits that go crispy in the toaster which is absolutely fine by me. It’s delivered by Hermes though so may depend on how reliable they are for you.

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think we need to change that OP headline to ‘day’

How much bread day you get through in a week?


thank you! i get through

between 5 and 7 croissants

between 5 and 10 sandwiches

bonus bread for cheese consumption

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How much cheese do you need to consume to earn the bread bonus?

Two loaves a week, bruv

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it’s very cheese dependent

so basically recently got the mrs onto hovis biscuits but before that, any kind of camembert, blue, goats or etc would immediately need bread.

cheddar obviously is biscuit only we’re not fucking insane

(i realise now your question was a gag)

usually buy a smallish loaf and never finish it

you should buy a smaller one

What is this wonky bread of which you speak