How much cash do you currently have on you?

£16.10 here


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Good thread.

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This much.




On me right now? Nothing. In my wallet probably about £5


I’m including wallets. Just as in…with you, Captain Specific

Look at her peeking out from behind those coins. Cheeky old Queen

€20 for some reason, and 20p in coppers.

Have three different currencies in my wallet:

USD: $1.20
EUR: €1.37*
GBP: £0.07

*one cent of this has been squashed into a shape with a picture of that big church on San Sebastian on it, doubt it’s still legal tender.

£1 for the lockers at the swimming pool.

That’s it. I don’t really carry cash.

@mods ban request. I don’t want to associate with crims

Are you going to go swimming?

Not until Tuesday.