How much do I actually have to spend on a projector for it to not be crap

Like, actually. I’m not buying that £4k 4k Samsung one from J Lews, but what’s the actually sensible amount. Like, actually.

think my friend got one for a grand (plus a screen for it) and it looks well good from what i’ve seen

but then i made do with a barely functional 720p projector for way longer than was reasonable, so what do i know

Sorry it is £4k


Could I get away with £1080p maybe

I imagine that whatever you want to spend, budget for some blackout curtains too

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Never seen a home projector setup that didn’t look a bit shite, washed out and in slightly the wrong aspect ratio imo.

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Just buy an old OHP and lie your laptop under it.


My what? It’s 2022.

I spent £70 and found it was great for watching films, sports and for playing Mario Kart which was all I wanted

look good to me even when stretching the picture to about 100 inches

got mine in late 2019

Alright mate, we’re done with euphemisms? Your cock, mate! Your big veiny member just thwacked down on that OHP screen: night in’s a good’un.


I don’t know what to say to this


I don’t care that much about video fidelity tbh, I’m only colourful keyboard crew about sound.


Me and my mates bought another mate one for 750 quid in 2013 and I was surprised at how shite it was.

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Samsung freestyle projectors look great.

But I’m basing that on watching an advert so not exactly independent assessment.

I’m not sure I’d buy anything that was called ‘freestyle’ in this day and age. :smiley:

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