How much do you accept yourself?

#SSP It seems like a pretty pivotal part of any lasting happiness right?

I can accept aspects of myself (cynicism, no chest hair) but always find myself trying to improve this way or that. Any tips on just sucking it up? Anecdotes below.

Have a poll! I accept myself this much:

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Better at it now than I have been at any other stage of my existence. Still very, very prone to beating myself up about completely unchangeable aspects of myself though.

Ooh it’s an average, we can see how much DiS as a board accepts itself; I’ll get the ice cream you grab the Cohen records.

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I am sick and I am dull
And I am plain
How dearly I’d love to get carried away
Oh, but dreams have a knack of just not coming true


100%. Spend absolutely zero time reflecting on myself. No time for it, very little comes of it and usually impossible to change core aspects. hth



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God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, courage to change the things I can, and wisdom to know the difference.
- marilyn monroe


Life’s difficult enough without being hard on yourself.

I know other people struggle with this for all manner of reasons so I feel very lucky to be able to say that I’m my own very best friend and accept myself completely.

If I don’t do any exercise for more than two days I hate my body, which is a bit odd.

If I travel in any form (except flying I guess) I seem to have quite bad anger problems. I would like to not.

Other than that - pretty accepting



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hate my body at all times which is just dandy, think its a control thing tbh

Not gonna lie, you’ve made me wanna play Dark Souls

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Getting waaaay better at this.

Sad I wasted my teens and 20s being unable to come to terms with most aspects of my personality. Far more chilled these days.

Still spend far too much time reflecting and on introspection, but think it has really helped me figure out what’s good and what’s bad and what I can improve upon and what I should stop beating myself up about.

In the last few years I’ve gone from spending every day hating myself to only hating myself for maybe a few days a month? And improving at such a rate that I can see total acceptance on the horizon. That’s going to be wild.

Then again, I’m 31 and still quoting Smiths lyrics so I’ve got some work to do.


I’m supremely confident that I’m right about everything but I hate it when I derive joy from stuff and usually see it as a sign of weakness. Also wish I was more attractive and had a fitter body

talking mainly about my personality here btw. my body is a different issue but I’m getting there slowly but surely with that too. Onwards and upwards

Silly though isn’t it? We’re literally stuck in these trash vessels for our whole existence. Should really make the most of it


Wwwooo this is all quite topical for me.

If you’d asked me 5 years ago I’d have said 5. I was so self-assured (or so I thought)

There’s nothing like life changing events such as having a child (or indeed losing someone, which I know you’ve gone through lately :kissing_heart:) to make you re-evaluate things though. Learning how to parent (or at least unleashing those instincts) has made me realise that I don’t even really KNOW myself at all, never mind ACCEPT myself. Stopping /dramatically cutting down on drinking has also been an eye-opener. I’ve been running away from grief and hurt and trauma (mostly low level stuff, but accumulative) for most of my adult life instead of dealing with things and growing and living.SO I’m getting to know myself just now, and I certainly do not accept who I am or who I have been. I think I’ve been cobbling myself together for decades and flying by the seat of my pants, and thinking THIS IS JUST ME, IT’S FINE, which is such absolute pathetic bullshit. I think this might be growing up (finally, aged 43.) :sob::sob::sob:


I don’t like me very much but sometimes I’m ok.

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Please don’t mention the void. When you do it makes me think of the void. And I hate the void.