How much do you dab?

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  • sometimes dab
  • never dab

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I was a little early picking up my daughter from a school disco recently, and during a song I didn’t recognise there were these three boys that were stood in front of the DJ dabbing to the left, then dabbing to the right repeatedly for three and a half minutes non-stop. There was absolutely no footwork, just dabbing to the left, then dabbing to the right.


Had one of these bad boys last week


I dabble.


Yeah you’re not getting any indie points for that, sorry


I yabba dabba don’t.


Is there some sort of etiquette? I’ve seen people dab in situations where I wouldn’t have thought it to be the time to dab, usually young people. Is there a Word doc or a PDF I can download from somewhere which describes the customs?


Not sure - it would be helpful. My son tells me there’s something called the ‘dab police’ that tell you off if you’re found to dab at inappropriate times or places. It’s this fear that’s holding me back.


Can I confirm that about 5+ years ago this would have been a drugs reference?


Oh, Theo.


I do it everyday day

Certainly every morning in bed and occasionally in bed in the evening


A dab a day keeps the dab police away


hang on

we are talking about digital radio right???


Is this the drug thing Theo was mentioning?


I have no idea what you’re talking about (assuming it’s not MDMA)


Remember that time Tom Watson dabbed during PMQs? Might have been the most embarrassing thing I’ve ever seen in my life. And I go to board game conventions.


I’ve never dabbed in my life. I assume all my young cousins do it though.


i dabbed this morning when i was waiting for the shower to heat up after reading this thread

think that’s my first one


How was it?