How much do you get out at the cash machine?


Do people tend to have a go to amount?

I used to get out £20 in my student days, then £40 when I got my first job, I’ve just upped it to £100 and, I must confess this gives me a slight thrill. I remember as a kid watching my mum get £100 out at a time and thinking “wow mum is rich!”. Yes interacting with a cash machine is aspirational for me, I’m a sad git.



I WISH I could get out £100 at a time


(Feel like this probably should be a poll)


Just get what I think I need, never less than £20 though.


£100 is right


Never have cash on me, waste of time


Different amounts for different needs.

I never carry cash with me anymore tbh. Bartenders don’t even ask you if it’s ok to use contactless anymore, living the dream.


Can’t remember the last time I got money out of a cash machine.

I get £50 cashback once every other month when doing a weekly shop, and that’s about it. Everything else is on my card - preferably AmEx so I can collect the points.


dunno, depends




but fucking hate not having cash on me


Cash is frequently useful imo. I tend to get £50 out at a time


Never use cashpoints apart from recently when paying a tradesman. Got £600 a card over two cards so £1,200 is my average. PLAYA!

  • I’m a student
  • £20-50
  • I’m a Tory

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He probably doesn’t use brothels as frequently as you


Only ever get money out if I’m going to a gig and I am unsure if the bar takes a card. In which case: £30.


Always carry about £30 on me and some shrapnel just in case, but I can go weeks without spending any of it.


Can’t think of many pubs apart from spoons where paying by card is acceptable. Do you frequent a lot of city wine bars?


what the fuck are you doing pal?


Usually get out an amount that will guarentee me at least one £10 note (so £30, £50, £70…etc).