How much do you know about shoe styles?


Turns out I knew fuck all about men’s until this changed my life.

Now I can spot wingtip Oxford brogues at a hundred paces.

Can you adequately describe your shoes using the correct terms? Can you, fuck.

Perhaps Lo-pan or Emo can but I can’t imagine many of you troglodytes getting past “brown with laces”.

Anyway, don’t thank me now.




Fucking no idea mate.


yer man on pengest munch know all about this stuff.


That’s why I’m here, Kay-man. Stick with me and you’ll go far.


I wouldn’t trust to tell me about shoes.


men’s shoes with buckles shudders


Only wear hermanos tbh.


‘Then who would you trust?’ asked Strider. ‘A fat innkeeper who only remembers his own name because people shout it at him all day? They cannot stay in The Pony for ever, and they cannot go home.’


Go on then saps, with this new found knowledge describe your shoes.

P.S. How are you socks doing today?


Gonna get me some opera pumps.


i wanted this to be a quiz ffs

really disappointed


I’m with you @japes.

On the other hand, I now know there are men out there who seem to think they will look good in a ‘Monkstrap’ shoe type.


I am wearing plain-toed derbies.

It’s so hard to find nice shoes that don’t make you look like an estate agent.


You’re a bastard for a quiz, aren’t you japes. A man after my own heart.

My team won the quiz in The Rose last night.


OOh your shoe has a lovely waist but the vamp could do with some livening up!


good effort. was there a picture round?


A plain toed derby, rather like that marckee fellow below.

Socks to follow.


was in office the other day to buy shoes, jesus christ what a fucking pish selection