How much do you recall from your uni/higher education course?


I was thinking just then, i did English Language at Manchester and can barely remember any of it, even the most basic stuff. It wasnt like I didnt go either, but if I did an exam now I would do shockingly I bet. Bit worrying really


Most of it at a fairly high level. It helps that my job is related to it.

When I have to dig down into proper specifics it falls apart a bit, though.


One year’s worth of Film and TV Production a decade ago has really stuck with me and assisted me countless times in my day-to-day life.


The fact that i missed a 2:1 by 0.5% and they wouldn’t up it because of my attendance


All of it.

Ask me anything.


Where do babies come from?


could probably bust out a half decent essay analyzing a Hitchcock film using feminist / Freudian critical theory, with lots of focus on the “male gaze”


I use it pretty much every day, so most of it. What we studied in university is the basic foundations of what you need to do the job - you learn and use so much more when you’re actually in the job.

I can’t remember all of the legal/contractual stuff, but that’s probably out of date now anyway.


Lady gardens.


Didn’t know you studied Land Economy at Cambridge. Figures, though. Following in Prince Charles’ footsteps.


Economics and Politics, graduated three years ago. Could muster about 10% of it now at a push.

I’d blame all nighters and cramming for this. Everything done last minute and usually forgotten as soon as I’d submitted it or walked out the exam.


Much of it is my day job but mainly micro economics, policy, social and welfare economics. Also econometrics. Can’t really remember much about macroeconomics and fiscal policy.


oh loads of it

did an art degree tho so i didn’t really ‘learn’ very much


Politics and Modern History, finished 12 years ago.

Don’t remember all of the detail obviously but I take an ongoing interest in the subject matter so pretty good on the overall themes. Reckon I could write a first standard essay if I had half a day to do the research and half a day to write it up. (that’s what I used to actually do anyway)


I’m taking this as permission to mention going to Cambridge in every post.

I currently only feel comfortable doing it every 3. Cheers.


Speaking as a Mechanical Engineering graduate is something I find very hard, given how much I’ve forgotten in the 12 years since I graduated. bits and pieces come back when i need them, but I couldn’t do quite a bit of the mathematical side. I guess I’ve improved on the computer programming stuff we covered in a few modules, in so much as i can use the internet to tell me what I need to do better now.


I’m not even on Unibook.


Loads of it. Regularly quote George Herbert’s later works in the pub.


Pretty much none of the specific subject matter, beyond what you might get out of an episode of Horizon, but the general training in mathematical techniques I’ve used all my career.

I probably couldn’t even prove the Intermediate Value Theorem any more, although I can still prove Pythagoras’s Theorem, because it involves a picture.


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