How much do you reckon this sandwich costs?

At a new bar/restaurant/mead taproom (!) place that’s opened here. It’s a mozzarella, tomato and rocket sandwich.

  • Less than £4
  • £4
  • £5
  • £6
  • £7
  • £8
  • £9
  • £10
  • £10+

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Baring in mind that this is in a little market town in rural South Devon and not a city or anything.

I had a (2 slices of) red pepper and the merest breath of hummous sandwich in electrik in c2hrolton last year and it was £8 or £9. Boggling


I really love this wording.


Yeah that’s how it comes. Ridiculous. They’ve just taken over a site that’s had about 6 businesses come and go over the last few years. I give them 6 months.


it looks quite nice

If i was to get something similar in a cafe near my work it would cost approx €8.50 I reckon

The baffling thing is, while the people behind it (primarily their business is making the mead also pictured, this is a spin-off venture. The guy’s dad sold a holiday letting business for about £50m a couple years ago which explains a lot) don’t have much experience, I know some of the people who are running this place and they should all know better.

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How close to sea and how many London grockles go there? £10?

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Probably around 6 miles.

Not many, they’re all in Salcombe or Dartmouth. This place is in Kingsbridge which isn’t as popular a destination.

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Looks nice. Bit heavy on the tomato but would eat

£8, in Manchester it’d be easily £12.

I’d eat it.

Of course would need crisps on the side, bet it’s those Burt’s fancy ones which would cost am extra £2 a packet but what you gonna do??

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Burt’s are the best crisps but they are always way overpriced. Big bags are normally £1.50 in Mozzers but never the Firecracker Lobster.

Has virtually that exact sandwich and a black coffee in Manchester yesterday for £8.20, and I thought that was about a quid too dear, tbh.

What is the orangey residue on the bread please?

Could be a couple of quid in that.

I believe that to be an olive tapenade.


Heads up to add £4.

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I will post the answer and the full lunch menu in a minute.

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Even with the soft ingredients that bread looks so dry and worthy.

Orange olives? What a world we live in.