How much do you say "and i was like"

  • I say this whenever telling a story
  • It occasionally makes it in to my chats
  • I never say this

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No judgement here: starting to suspect that 35 is the dividing age between if you do and you don’t say “and he/she was like”. But tell me otherwise. Wonder where it came from?

Big fan of it, i’m 43

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I say it loads and I’m 40. Are you classing it as a young people thing or an old people thing?

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so the people i know who say it most frequently are under 35 for definite BUT i don’t know too many people over 40 except for very ‘traditional’ booksellers so it’s hard to feel out how widespread it is

And i was like “xylo’s pretending to be young”


i’m 38, and most of my pals are between 30 and 40. colleagues are obv a LOT over 40, but they’re all very traditional and a bit stuffy as it were, so tricky sample group

I catch myself doing it occasionally and hate myself for doing it. I’m nearly 40.

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I do it and I’m a baby (29).

Want to stop going ‘like’ so much in general tbh. I know people who just go “like, like, like, like, like” when they’re stuck and it’s like millenial.exe just crashes.


And I was like, ping pong balls, not King Kong’s balls


And I was like, a bird

- Nelly Furtado telling an anecdote


also want to stop overusing ‘just’


The Swedish version of this is so curt & stilted that it’s hard to even describe. It’s just a noise really - ’ba’ …Makes overheard conversations between teens on public transport quite surreal when they’re making all these sheep noises at each other

I realise I sound like a boomer/pensioner but I don’t mind it, it’s just a bit bizarre to the English ear


Ba! this is pleasing.

Good gracious ass bodacious


I wish I could find some example clip or way to properly describe it, it’s a trip

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FWIW Nelly is 48

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i wonder if he still wears plasters

xylo asked if i still said and i was like

and i’m all naw but i use a variation

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“i’m all” is very definitely cooler

Liam Lynch is 52 years old, and ‘United States of Whatever’ is 20 years old.

Does that make anyone feel ancient?