How much do you swing your arms when you walk?


More than this? Less than this? About this?

Use stick figures, flick book animation, anything you like to illustrate your gait.

“Illustrate your gait”. (I’m like a rapper.)

Epimer famously keeps his arms absolutely rigid and still, pointed straight down when he walks. It’s hilarious. He was featured on The One Show about it, though he won’t thank me for reminding him.

Use this thread for all walking related miscellany.

It’s where my burning hatred of Matt Baker originates.

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oh fuck I got really self conscious about this the last time I thought about it noooo

have recently started using a step tracker so now i tend to swing my arms quite violently to make sure it registers them all (don’t want to get short changed)

of course it still seems to work exactly the same if i have my hands in my pockets but i still do it

oh I’ve got a stairs related thread I need to start

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It’s definitely the wrong amount whatever it is

I don’t know, but now I’m going to be massively aware of it and worry I do it too much or not enough. Cheers epimer, thanks a fucking bunch!

I walk a bit like this…