How much do you think a band headlining a 75 capacity show at a £5 ticket would get

Sold out in advance

A crate of fosters

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Maybe should specify that this is a genuine question and not shitposting, but obv don’t care if anyone shitposts

Between £75 & £150 depending on the band’s expenses

More if the promoter is getting a cut of the bar


Probably about £100.


So 375 cash raised…depends how much sound engineer/venue costs really.

Any more info or is it hypothetical?

Also does venue have own PA? Cos if not then PA/engineer hire would probably put bigger dent in the takings than Big Jez who does every Thursday, and two Fridays a month, and used to roadie for Hawkwind…

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I figured:
Venue 100
Headline 100
Supports 70 (40&30)
Probably 30-40 for rider/beers etc

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Sound engineer covered. Rider provided, accommodation not

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Ahh it’s such a tricky question if you want an actual answer.

If I was playing solo and someone gave me 50 quid I’d be happy.

If I had a 5 piece band and no other costs then 100 between us would be fine I suppose.

If I then had to find accomodation it would be a little annoying.

Few answers but I put on a band on a month ago that did those numbers. It was originally going to be a free gig but I had to change it to 5 quid because of the way it was being funded (CRS stuff).

We agreed a fee of £250 and kept this after the change (I did it as 5 quid to pay them this and two support acts £50). I’ve just heard from another promoter that their booking agent was badmouthing and essentially saying I was trying to scam them, despite me being up front with the numbers and funding, and that they’d charge £400 normally.

I felt irrespective of what the ticket fee was £250 + a rider is decent for such a situation.


Seems like a surprisingly high figure to me, particularly with rider.

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More than decent - 250 is higher than I’d book for a 75 cap show.


I’d be made up with that for a 75 capacity show, especially with rider included!


Let’s be honest as well £100 is perfect, barely covers transport, not sustainable in the least.