How much do you think you’ve spent in WHSmiths?

I reckon a grand. Gotta be a grand. Easily.

would be quite happy to see WHSmiths go out of business. trying to charge me £4 for a bottle of water just because they’re the only option in the train station, get yourselves tae fuck you thieving bastards


really liked their blendable colouring pencils as a kid

Think Stewart Lee wrote about that, it’s a ploy be the telegraph to give away free water with the telegraph to get the telegraphs circulation up, presumably making it expensive is part of that.

I’ve offset the losses in chocolate orange savings

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loads probably

| reckon it would be in and around the £180 mark

Don’t have a pop at WHsmiths GBOL, they still have that magazine/news paper smell when you walk in - takes me back to my news paper round days.
I can see most things on the high st disappearing unless they provide an immediate service like food or drink.

i refuse to spend even £1 in WHSmiths on principle

Like the empire, Smith’s is a once great institution crumbling before our eyes. Hopefully Brexit give it a body to return it back to its former glory.



Give it a body?

Reckon it’s all down to WHSmith or their landlords who charge a premium on the captive market locations?

it is a complete rip off merchants


a human sacrifice?

the nearest post office is in a WHSmiths, had to buy an envelope. they were wanting £1.50 or something.

absolutely go and fuck yourselves.

on principle of what? (You probably stole pick n mix from woolys didn’t u?) :wink:

on principle of them being thieving bastards and me wanting to see them go out of business


What are you calling it out loud these days

  • WHSmith
  • WHSmiths
  • WHS
  • Smiths

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Spent a couple years working in Smiths back in the day (2002-2004), for less than £4 an hour, when CDs were still £13.99, so even with my 25% discount they probably made thousands out of me through my purchases. Never did any work though and ate all the sweets off the comics and stole cover CDs off all the mags so the joke is on them

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I cycled past WHSmith in Wood Green this morning to find a queue of at least 8 people waiting outside. They didn’t seem to be in WHSmith uniforms. Why could that have been?
It was like those people who wait outside the bank for it to open but it was definitely WHSmith.

Maybe they were waiting for it to open