How much do you use the kitchen at your work?

  • Drinks only
  • Light prep - sandwiches, salads etc
  • Reheating stuff/microwave meals
  • Cooking actual meals in oven/on the hob
  • not on kitchenbook/something specific that eric hasn’t ““bothered”” to include

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just seen a guy cook pasta and chicken, never seen anyone use the kitchen to this degree at work before!

Loads of people use the microwave here to heat shit up which is obviously fine but it means the kitchen always honks of BO.

  • just kettle/hot taps etc
  • microwave
  • actual cooker and hob
  • n/a

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Ours is a bar now and it’s insanely nice:

Still only use it for making tea and getting cereal in the morning…


worked with someone who reheated the same broccoli thing every day and it stank the whole place out

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very occasionally will use the microwave to reheat something

we don’t have an oven / toaster (:disappointed_relieved:) or anything like that


  • Y
  • N

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One guy at Head Office microwaves saltfish a couple of times every week. Proper minging stink

I have not been in our work kitchen for at least two years.

is the full roast eater preparing his own roast?

He gets it from the deli counter at M&S but I think he was using the microwave up there. To be fair he hasn’t had one for ages and has instead been eating a lot of processed meat from Gary’s snack van.

this is an improvement, or no?

Has this affected the quality of his guffs at all?

If we had a toaster then there would be fire alarms about 9 times a day.


classic bit of fire drill banter that though isn’t it

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Yeah, not as smelly, gets it out the way in the morning and I like hearing tales of the van.


just had to go out and buy a tin opener since our kitchen apparently didn’t have one

care to share any van tales?


Last one was some bloke whose haemorrhoids were so bad that he was hospitalised and the Drs were so amazed they kept getting more staff to come take a look at them. They usually involve very ugly, unpleasant men and their sexual shenanigans. I’d say there is very little truth in them but it breaks up the morning.