How much do you use the kitchen at your work?

We’ve got a brand new office, friend. It’s dead good.

weve had a new kitchen recently, you know. just looks like a kitchen tho still

Ours is a bar now.

We have a coffee machine that only serves decaff, only it doesn’t make that clear. And my floor is full of IT nerds.

Bad atmosphere.

aye i know


That’s madness! Who implemented that and why does it only serve decaff?

We’ve got a kitchen per-floor with them boiling/cold water taps and a couple of fridges, but microwaves and fancy-dancy coffee machines are only in the canteen on the ground floor; most people just eat from the canteen though, microwaves are hardly used. s’an office, innit?

I’m being a bit disingenuous. There are actually two machines, which are essentially identical, save for a bit of labelling. The decaff machine has a button for “filter coffee - decaffeinated”, but it also has a load of other coffee options that don’t mention it. Turns out everything that machine pumps out is decaff. The other machine is fine.

But it took quite a while for the penny to drop with us all, when we realised we were all really angry and headachey all the time :smiley:


When we opened a new office with these in all the kitchens they had to put labels on them after some numbnut tried to wash his hands under the boiling tap.

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Ours have the safety thing enabled so you have to hold two things down at once to get hot water, I presume the idea is that takes two hands to stop idiots burning themselves?


How’s the move gone? Are you able to run to the new place?

Where IS @Royter-Hatfood??

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:smiley: we’ve got labels on our boiling water taps


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Haven’t done as yet, planning on bringing my stuff in to run home at some point next week while we get showers and that up and running properly here and get the logistics of it all sorted.

Big fan of the new place though, it is such an enormous upgrade.

You’ve got loads of space to sit outside in this sun, too.

Aye, strolled through the olympic park for lunch today and it was absolutely glorious. Big fan.

This got me googling “dangerous stupidity” and turned this up. Some crackers in there.

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If you fancy a lunchtime run, then there’s a really nice 8K loop that runs up the towpath to the marina/rowing club, east along Coppermill Lane, under the railway, and then immediately right onto the nature reserve path that takes you all the way down past the riding centre, Hackney Marshes and to the velodrome.

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