How much effort do you put in when people come to stay with you?



Me: Tidy the place up, blow up some airbeds.
TV: So much effort that it makes the lead up to the event a traumatic experience where you feel like when the guests are actually there that you’re more in recovery than anything else.


way too much. ungrateful shits.


Haha the tv and I had this conversation yesterday because I was cleaning up before his mum got here. He was all like “no need!!!” and I was all like “there’s no way she’s finding out what state we really live in”

I’ve gotten more chilled out about it. I used to clean from top to bottom, windows and all. Now it’s more like, make the place presentable.


Mindless destruction. Would be better if you inflated them imo


I drink more so that I can piss off my skids


Tidy the place so it is much cleaner than normal. Buy in nice breakfast stuff.


Oh that’s a good shout, I should do that. At the very least get some milk to make tea with.



(I have made @japes, @thewarn and @sadpunk nice breakfasts)


My experiences are similar to those of the OP.

She gets special guest towels out and leaves little bottles of products on their pillows, plus insists on a deep clean.

I light loads of incense and buy loads of beer. And cereal, if it’s a certain couple.


Poor sapdunk


Now that is too far! Not a hotel!


This! We had people to stay over a couple of weeks ago. It apparently necessitated a whole day’s deep clean beforehand. You could have carried out surgical procedures in our place that weekend, it was that sterile.


i’ll put trousers on


Run a hoover round, make sure we’ve got some decent bread and eggs in, maybe some juice. Remove any faeces from the carpets and walls. The usual


Not a top though?


We’re all living a mutual lie of tidy houses. Everyone’s house is only ever tidied for visitors so we can all pretend we don’t live in mild squalor 90% of the time.


unless it’s the queen or something


quite a lot, i absolutely love cooking guests a full english


I’m glad I’m not alone


depending on who it is, i would arrange fun activities for their stay:

ie, my mum: go down Crystal Palace, have a look at the retro furniture shops

bike wankers: nice bike ride, pubs, drinking all the weird booze in the house