How much effort do you put in when people come to stay with you?



Yep, tidy up. Change the spare bed. Get in some bacon and rolls. Buy completely the wrong kind of alcohol for them and have it in the cupboard for the next 5 years.


men: read this


New flat: the works. Towel and flannel waiting on the bed, loads of nice breakfast foods and good coffee, flat cleaned to an impeccable standard.

Old flat: just fucking pile the sofa cushions up and sleep on that, do I look like Lenny fucking Henry to you?


Ridiculous amounts, I love getting the place ready for people…But no one ever comes to see me, waaaaaaa! Come and see me everyone please?

Also my dream would be to have a b&b so I can get it ready for guests all the time.


My parents run a B&B. Wouldn’t wish it on anyone.


I want a little farm house in spain where I grow my own veg outside and a few rooms more like a hostel really than a b&b. I’ve got like 3 years experience in it so I know what to expect. Going to build in a personality test to the booking process though so no douchebags book.


Wise. My mum was saying just yesterday how annoyed she was because one of today’s check-ins casually announced that they wouldn’t be arriving tonight until after 1am, so she and my dad have to stay up.


Total douchebags


“London types”


not a lot really. Make sure there’s enough toilet paper in mainly, and that the cat hasn’t shit on their bed.

when they arrive make sure they know where tea and coffee etc are, and tell them to help themselves to anything - treat it like their home.

Then i persuade them it’ll be really cute for the kids to wake them up at 6am and that they should go downstairs with them and play as its the “best time of the day” - give instructions about the bottle and everything. Then i go to bed for a massive sleep.


Just tidy up, make sure no pants are on the airer etc and have some clean bedding ready. Hardly ever have anyone to stay tbh, I come from a long line of antisocial people. My mum was telling me the other day how my gran staunchly had no friends and liked it that way :joy:


Hang on, that’s an option?



My gf gets really stressed out about people visiting and can’t relax because she seems to feel the need to organise a full programme of events, activities and excursions which often involves her driving somewhere.

I’m happy to have dinner and some drinks then show them where the coffee is and tell them not to wake me up in the morning.

As an aside, how do you feel about guests pumping on your sofa/airbed/kids bunks if they’ve been sent to the in-laws/whatever?

  • Go for it! We’re all friends here and you guys are on holiday.
  • Jesus Christ. I have to clean those sheets tomorrow.
  • Room for a small one?

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Say make yourself at home and then don’t do owt tbh.

If someone tells me to make myself at home at their house I’ll go make myself a brew or a sandwich no problem


…knock a wall through, rearrange the furniture, rent out the spare room


Grow alfalfa and tend rabbits?


I don’t really have the motivation to clean much more than usual.

I tell myself it’s because someone who would change their opinion of me over a little dust isn’t worth bothering with…but really, I’m just idle.


I found that informative and well argued. I did wonder if she may touch on why certain kinds of emotional labour are typically split across genders (she mentions having a preference for meal/holiday planning, but that’s it). Like, using this thread as an example, would it be fair to say that men take less interest in house presentation, in general? And if so, why?


because, as i think the article points out, they’re not told to think about it as much by society and especially as children?



Edit, sorry I thought you said you go out for the first two days