How much fun are you having RIGHT NOW

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Having lunch and reading a book, but otherwise standard being at work issues


how are you posting this from a book


At work but nobody important is in and I could literally sit here playing with my phone for the rest of the day and it wouldn’t be an issue.


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So do that and you’ll get up to at least a 4

Just off the back of reading an epimer post



The anti-corruption training I’ve got later on means we’re not getting past a 2.

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4th day of new job and I’ve currently got 20 minutes work to do between now and Monday morning.

I’ve been told to enjoy the quiet while it lasts.

Do they mean spend all day wanking in the toilets?


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currently reading a bunch of different weather forecasts for my holidays until i find one i like


On a bus with a toddler, and I’m hungry.

Fun vacuum

In a car on way to the toy shop in Bristol as kids have holiday money to spend.

MrS currently complaining that his holiday is over as he goes back to work on Monday. 🤷

What are you going to buy for yourself while you’re there?

Where going, or is the weather deciding for you

This is what I have for mine


Switch game maybe if they have a bargain.

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the alps

:mountain: :biking_man: :mountain:


i’d take that

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Tell me I’m not having the most fun of anyone here. That would be sad