How Much In The Comfort Zone Are You?

How much do you play it safe with life? Feel like you’re missing out on things by sticking to what you know?

I think this is part of my ongoing mid life crisis but I think I need to start taking some risks. Suggestions welcome.

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I am risk averse


Do you think this is good thing?

I’ll take a risk if it definitely won’t end badly


Think we had a poll about this sort of thing before where most DiSers consider themselves risk takers, from the office they’ve been working in for a decade (to pay for their marriage to the third person they ever met)


By staying in my comfort zone and playing it safe I have missed out on fulfilling doubtless potential, a career, many memorable and priceless experiences and most of what life has to offer.

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I think it’s the sort of thing (along with the fact that I am very conflict averse and not particularly assertive) that I probably see as “a flaw” but, trying to change how I inherently am as a person, sets me up for more disappointment at my inability to do so. I’m kind of just slowly trying to accept things like it instead.

But are you happy?

It really varies, laefs. I’m quite a long way out of my comfort zone with work - I’ve never had this amount of responsibility and this weight of expectation on me. I’m regularly having to do things for the first time and it can be a bit scary to be honest.

On the other hand, I’ve been to Nando’s maybe 50 times in my life and order the same thing every time, save for graduating from medium sauce to hot sauce.


On a surface level, happy enough. Otherwise, no. (Apart from with my wife, who is amazing)


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Getting a massive shunt out of it at the minute. Although it only recently began to feel comfortable anyway- it’s easy to forget I packed up and moved to another country and that definitely wasn’t in my comfort zone at the time.

Chuffing terrified if I’m honest


occasionally I’ll jump over a puddle without knowing if I’ll actually make it over the other side

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At the absolute epicentre of the comfort zone. Currently trying and failing to move up in my career but it’s just the next level up, no risks really.

I’m not lazy by any stretch. Quite the opposite. I’m just incredibly risk averse.

Could I BE any more in the comfort zone?

Find it very easy to do the same sort of things over and over without pushing myself to try new things, thus limiting my ability to have a more varied life. However, I’m annoyed by this and it stresses me out, while trying new things also scares me and makes me feel uncomfortable.

I know I don’t want to be this person living this way for the rest of my life, but also got to acknowledge my inherent personality traits and not rail too hard against them, given that’ll only end in tears.

In summary ohnohelp

Literally never comfortable but also literally never take risks. Life’s great, isn’t it.


I am permanently terrified of pretty much everything so despite objectively existing within a fairly narrow comfort zone I’m almost never comfortable.

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this is the double posting joke but it also fits

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cba looking for a new room to rent cos i’ve accumulated too many books in this one

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The best part is it took several minutes between me writing that and replying as I’m too risk averse to post anything without overthinking it first.


Just getting self irked at how

I’m too socially anxious to take risks that would benefit my life

I’m also too socially anxious to course correct early on when decisions are taking a turn for the stupid, so there’s loads of times where bad consequences emerged from the fact that I was too anxious to do the simple thing and things ended up difficult and annoying so basically I took the risky option

I’m stupid