How Much In The Comfort Zone Are You?

Empathise with this

(Though we both played our first gigs this year, which is a big deal comfort zone wise for almost any person)


Currently very risk averse.

However, I took all sorts of risks as a drugged-up young hoodlum and again as a newly-sober young professional who was still physically able to do fun things like taking dance classes and martial arts.

Very much a risk taker, I’ve had pasta for breakfast today.


amazing how much fear keeps me in my little box. fear of having a proper job and being a proper person. fear of judgment. fear of unfilled potential. feel in a comfort zone of sorts in my personal life but completely out of it in a career sense. and the two colliding is… interesting.

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Too scared/lazy even to start the filth thread.

I’ve just bought a dining table without ever having seen it in the flesh.


Massively risk adverse and I hate myself for it.

Same job for years as I’m comfortable and don’t have much of a commute. I could earn a lot more elsewhere but I’m not that fussed by more money and I’m scared by the thought of interviews. If I get made redundant I’ll probably be pretty screwed.

Also I’m socially anxious so I just plod along with not many friends with things in common with, as those that did drifted away years ago. I need to basically meet more people.


I feel you

Very very much in my comfort zone and always have been. I think this is probably what is making me so unhappy at the moment. I’m feeling so starved of anything even vaguely stimulating, and yet I don’t have the balls to do anything about it. 43 years old, with a wife, teenage daughters and a mortgage. A job that allows me work 8-4:30 and be home by 5, with a decent wage coming in. Why rock the boat? It works. But man, am I fucking bored and lonely!

Woah steady on there!

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Yep I think you’ve hit the nail on the head of what I was thinking.

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Could take up sailing.

There are lots of things I could do!

Will probably just go for a run and kid myself into thinking it fixes all my problems.

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Not sure how related this is but I’ve spent most of my life feeling like I’m waiting for something to happen, but no idea what. Does that make sense?

  • Makes sense, I have that too
  • Makes sense, I don’t have that
  • Doesn’t make sense

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I don’t think it was that poll

Great song and good motivation for people itt (won’t motivate any of us at all but hey)


Even then I’d probably end up as a bored IT jobs-worth who runs a bit, but is a little bit taller with a better haircut.

I still get a physical reaction when anyone vaguely near my age mentions pensions or mortgages or investments. Wonder if that’s ever going to go away because it’s certainly not helpful (at least for living one type of life)

Yeah but it’s like … a boner of sadness. For my brain.