How much is a pint in your local?


local pint : Guinness
Price : €4.90

Tenants: £3
50p increase over the last year :weary:

Various ales: £3.20-£3.60

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Various ales, beers etc, starting from £3.60, i think. Wonderful pub.

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£4 Sam smiths.

Although they just told me there putting it up to £4.50

Also label which beers are vegetarian which is a big :+1: from me.


Various ales £3.80-4.30

Indeed and gluten free too i think

Various ales £3-£3.80


Idk but first time I went in I bought 2 pints with a tenner and said keep the change thinking they’d be about 4.50 each but then when her indoors got the next round she got about a fiver change. Felt a right mug.


I’m pretty sure a pint of ale is £3.80 at my local

wait, not a pint

Various ales £4.50 for keg, £3.50 for cask.

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Depends on the ABV and whether keg or cask. There’s Redemption Trinity on cask, 3% ABV at £3.50 and then there are 7, 8 and 10+ keg beers at £5.20 and upwards

Cask: £3.40-£3.90 for >5%ers, £4-£4.90 for the strong ones.

Keg: £4.80-£5.95

Lager: £3.40 to £4.20 depending on strength.

Between approx. £7.50 and £14

(For a half litre as opposed to a pint)

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Moon’s pub near to my flat in NW London: £2.50p for most beers.

Usually I drink with mates in Central London or at gigs and so a pint is around £5.10p.

Different drinks, different… prices

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My pint is a Schiehallion for £4.50. No cask or decent bottles there.