How much is a pint in your local?


IMBC publishes its (binary) gender split of punters each year, from what I remember it’s been almost exactly 50/50 the last few years.


They’ve not missed the boat about expanding to other areas, the members have actively voted against it. There was a vote to include keg beer in their remit at the last agm, and it was voted down.

They do vital work around keeping pubs open and making sure pubs serve a decent enough pint, but by not embracing the modern trends in British beer consumption, they’ll be left behind and less of a voice in the beer world.


I find keg beers to be too cold to taste them properly and often too fizzy. I do drink them but overall when I’ve had the same beer in both versions I prefer the cask.


They also aggressively argue for keeping the price of beer as low as possible, giving out discounts and teaming up with Spoons, then act all wounded when breweries and pubs close because they can’t turn a profit.



I’m ecstatic if I’m able to find a pint at £4.20.


The one’s I’ve been to recently haven’t had quite such a high average age, and there have been a decent gender mix, but it is extremely rare to see someone who isn’t white there. And the same has to be said for the CAMRA approved pubs in my area too.

But as you say, there are things I like about them - mostly because they are completely antiquated. Morris dancers, pork pies, a band doing Hawkwind covers etc. The new wave ones are way more diverse, have way more exciting beer, cool merch etc, but I just can’t be arsed paying out £45 for tickets, and queuing ages for drinks etc. They’re also impossible for me to drag mates along to and quality of pubs/bars in town now is so good that it all seems a bit unnecessary.


Would probably also moan if a pub did something non-traditional or diversified in order to turn that profit.

Very weird organisation.


This seems more realistic from my experience even the weatherspoon aren’t that much cheaper unless you order a pint of mud (ale)


6-7pm Mon-Fri £1.80, double that the rest of the time.

This is offset by the fact that it’s…not a great pub.


I stopped drinking about 3 weeks ago, so haven’t got a clue to be honest…

But I think the last time I bought a beer, it was around £4.70 for a pint of Kronenberg.


I doubt the price has changed too much in 3 weeks.


Sorry, it was a rubbish joke.

No it hasn’t changed much I doubt, but in saying that It’s been my local for around 3 years and when I started drinking there a pint of Kronenberg was about £3.80 - so it’s rocketed up really.


Ready? I moved just over three years ago and have not been to a pub within five miles of my house during that time.


Has your wife made this 5 mile exclusion zone so there is no possibility you can embarrass her in front of the neighbours?