How much is a ticket at your local cinema?



Inspired by this:

Our local cinema charges £4, any time, any day. They have a pretty limited choice of films, but still, not bad value. I paid £9.50 at the Cambridge Arts Picturehouse a couple of years ago, and felt like I was being fleeced.


Haven’t been for ages for the general reason that it’s too expensive to be worth it.


Yeah, the one closet to me charges £4 for everything. Depends where you go and what you want to see I guess. The Cineworld’s dearer but has a better selection.


£11.50 standard
£ 9.20 for members
£ 6 on Monday


For new releases:
Showroom - £8.50/£6.50
Curzon - £9.00/£7.00


I rarely go - mainly because we’d have to get a babysitter (we’d rather go for a meal or go to see a band instead). We’ve taken the girls a couple of times as it’s not too bad value for a family on a wet weekend afternoon. However, it does mean that the last film I saw at the cinema was Ice Age 5.


I think it’s 10 notes at the Picturehouse (7 on Monday’s) but got 10 free tickets between me and Mrs Iron and renewed our subscription when they had a half price weekend so it only cost 37 sniffs.

Think the Rio in Dalston is cheaper than this but haven’t been for time.


About £7 for what’s probably the best independent cinema in Europe.

Sometimes pay more elsewhere because i want them to bring beer and pizza to me.


I have several locals:

Peckhamplex: £4.99 all day every day
downsides are that sometimes the sound is shite and also can be full of kids
upsides: cheap for London

East Dulwich Picturehouse: can vary, standard adult is £12.50 (usually go on Mondays where it’s £7 or £5 for members, though my membership has lapsed)

Odeon Beckenham: £11.50 (usually go on a Meerkat Moovies deal or whatever)

Have started going to the Barbican though as I work very close and on Mondays it’s £6, and on Tuesdays they do a student price of £5 which I have started to take advantage of.


My old local, Peckhamplex, is £5 any film/any time.

However, my now closest cinema, the recently opened Curzon Goldsmiths, is the rather steeper price of £12 for regular adult admission. It is nice though. Fortunately I have a NUS card which brings it down to £7 :+1:


Is it £7 at all times? I’ve not been there yet.


That’s regular evening price. It’s cheaper for weekend afternoons and Mondays I believe…


Amazing. I knew this 3 year NUS card would work out.


You’re not a student.


That’s what you think.


Vue Stratford - £12
Stratford Picturehouse - £7
Walthamstow Empire - £9 peak, biggest screen, couple of quid less for off peak, smaller screens.

Through professional associations/credit cards, we can get picturehouse and Vue tickets for about £5 though, so that’s what we use.


Honorary student due to time spent in Libraries and Wetherspoons, I believe


The Barbican student tickets are for people aged 16 - 25.


7 euro for students and 9 for adults for the arthouse one
i pay 19 a month for an unlimited pass though


odeon on a monday - £4.95
empire on a tuesday - £3.95

can also get student tickets for £5-6 at multiplexes, any time.

the local independent (who were charging £15.50 for the livestream event) charge £6.25 for students, £9.75 (!) for adults. they’re also registered charity and they always are asking for an extra 50p for things. e.g. when they got rid of a well-loved coffee shop to make room for another bar of their owm and put some fairy lights/social cleansed the alleyway leading up to them because it was ‘scary’ (an area used for years and years by homeless people for shelter, still a stonesthrow from the point they gather at to meet for hot food and drink every evening).