How much money would you need to be paid to go on these TV shows

I’m a Celeb: £10k
Naked Attraction: £5k
Big Brother: £50k
Take Me Out: £5k dunno what this is
Good Morning, Britain: £n/a

I’m a Celeb: £50k
Naked Attraction: £20k
Big Brother: I’d do it for nowt
Take Me Out: £2k
Good Morning, Britain: £1k I’ll be nice to Piers for a grand, I’m a total sellout.

Unfortunately you can’t check my Tumblr for a visual image any more.

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reading the other replies, i seem to have pitched quite low

naked attraction really is the most sickening tv show I’ve ever seen. Truly the last days of civilisation. £200 minimum for me


I’d never go on TV, with all the lights and cameras pointed at me I’d get well nervous that it’s a set up for me to be trapped. Don’t like environments where it’s hugely controlled and I’m at their mercy. Never go in escape rooms for that reason, also get nervy at the theatre.