How much oat milk do you measure into the little jug for your little Marimeko cup of coffee?

  • 0-87.99g/ml
  • 88g/ml
  • 88.01g/ml+
  • N/A

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Too much, every time


I measure 200ml of Oat Ly Oat Milk (Barista Edition)



Oat Milk

  • the big man of the non-dairy milk game
  • it’s no almond/soy/whatever
  • shit for twats
  • not on non-dairy milkbook

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Haven’t tried it.

oat milk is vaguely acceptable. yall want to get on hazelnutmilkbook.

Once went into a wanky coffee shop and ask ‘Can I have a soya flat white?’
And the guy said ‘No!.. but you can have a oat flat white.’

And for the reason I hate oat milk and only buy it once every two weeks

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Oat milk for porridge

  • That’s too much Oats
  • The Oatman’s Call

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How do you feel about opium?



To be clear it’s expensive stuff the barista oat milk, thus I like to waste as little as possible.

I have therefore perfected my coffee making routine and all the other coffee-wankers will respect that, I hope.

Just been getting into oat milk. It’s really good.
A good joke to make is to say “and I didn’t even think you could milk an oat, they are so small?!”
Very funny!



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