How much of a playa are you, right now?

I’ve got two SIMs in my phone at the moment.

One for business**, one for women***.

** General use that I’m transferring the number from in the next day or so.
*** General use, will be my only SIM in the next day or so.

I have never been a Spanish beach.


Well I beat the second best Netrunner player in the world last night and made a dick joke in the process, so I’ll let you be the judge of that.




Playa in the streets, uh… Mayor in the…sheets.

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Same as OP

Right now I’m sat in my home office in comfy yet unattractive clothing, so really very low on the playa scale.

LA trip I just got back from was probably peak playa of many of my recent years though.


Ive got Sandy balls (nb this joke doesn’t really work, oh well)

It’s the velvet robes that draw them in.

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Did I inspire this thread with my high level romance playa skills (see yesterdays thread) - you guys are hungry for more tips aren’t ya?

And the hat

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Also velvety.

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^playa de las Americas

Let’s just say “yes”.

My new neighbours probably think I’m a playa as I’ve had three different blonde women over on several separate occasions in the last couple of weeks. I’m hoping they think it’s just the same one.

There’s a m*m joke in there somewhere. Self ban request.

Why you hoping that, playa?

They won’t be suspicious about the sound of sawing and him constantly using the Pyro setting on his oven?


Ah yes, that’s desirable.