How much of a stickler are you for rules when playing a game?

When something comes up in a game and no one at the table is sure what the rule is:

  • I’m happy with an on the spot rule being made up and agreed by everyone.
  • I’d rather stop the game for a minute or so while someone reads through the rules for clarification.

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And imagine this scenario. You sit down to play a game you’re very familiar with but in a group of people you’ve never played this game with before.

A short while into the game a player does something that’s against the rules but no one else is questioning it. They don’t seem to be deliberately cheating but perhaps they don’t know it’s wrong.

Do you

  • Point out that it’s a contravention of the rules
  • Ignore it out of politeness despite the fact that it’s niggling at you like an itch you can’t scratch
  • Ignore it because it’s just a game and what the hell does it matter

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Then, let’s assume that you mentioned it and everyone else said ‘oh, that’s how we play it. We’re not too bothered what the exact rules are’.

Do you

  • Smile and say “Oh that’s fine, what a delightful bunch of mavericks”.
  • Frown but politely say “Oh ok that’s cool, but what else have you changed just so that I can understand the game that we’re playing?”
  • Smile and say “it’s a quirk of mine but I don’t cope well with this kind of thing, I’ll sit this one out”.
  • Pretend you’re off to the toilet but go outside, wedge all the doors shut and set light to the house.

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So, right, when you land on Free Parking


I’m relatively free and easy with this kind of thing but most house rules are terrible.

No rules, no fun.

Played Articulate in the office yesterday, basically went all house rules. What’s the spinner even for? As long as they don’t benefit one person / break the game, whatever, sometimes a game’s actual rules are flawed or don’t add anything fun anyway.

My mum has a rule where you have to define a word if you play it in scrabble and it’s such bullshit she just couldn’t hack losing to qi and xi.


Counterpoint: people are mostly terrible about understanding the consequences of their shitty house rule, e.g. Free Parking nonsense in Monopoly

That’s daft, Scrabble isn’t even about the words, really.

Call her a noob from me, please.

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I’ve answered the polls - but in reality how much of a stickler I am depends on the game, the company, how much I like/ care about the game in question and how much I’ve had to drink

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I change the rules a bit when someone suggests playing cards against humanity. Instead of choosing a card to fill the blank each time, I leave.


played a game of Civilisation: Through The Ages with some friends recently which took roughly 7 hours.

One of my friends, either knowingly or accidentally misinterpreted a rule which allowed him to double both his production AND food resources in one turn earlyish in the game. This gave him an advantage which he sustained throughout the next 5ish hours to eventually win.

Left his house at 4am and was kinda annoyed at the whole exercise really.

I did say.

Yeah, but that’s an example of a house rule that breaks the game because it adds too much liquidity to the market.

Whereas deciding how many cards you can pass on in Articulate, for example, just helps adjust the speed of the game.

what did you say?

It takes too long.

My dad’s wife has the entire Scrabble two-letter word list memorised and she can fuck right off


yeah it’s ridiculous. Could easily have condensed the concept and progression into a 2-3 hour game and everyone would have left happy. Instead it was this war of concentrational attrition

Nah she’s just better than you


House rules at chez Balonz is to mix a Netrunner deck with a Magic is Gathering deck for double the fun.


It should only (“only”) take 2-3 hours anyway but even that feels too much to me. There’s 90 minutes of fun in that game.