How much of the A3 did you drive on Saturday?

None personally

None, unless you mean the Audi A3, in which case also none.

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i didn’t however print out a load of stuff on A3

if that counts

Don’t care

I don’t care

Just over 50% I would approximate. Only one way, returned the scenic route.

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@anon29812515 to thread

Didn’t ask

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why’s your thing a fish now maosm

  • old a3
  • new a3

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none of it

Does A3 stand for the altincham 3? And if so, shouldn’t that read how many of the A3 did you drive on Saturday?

If that is the case, still none.

I returned down that Petworth Road with C. Evans pub on it.


How does it smell?

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Got to go new but do miss sitting in a single lane at some traffic lights with a Happy eater across the road.


Joined at the Petersfield junction, left it to join the A325 at Longmoor.

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