How much of your life is spent on CCTV?

Quite a bit I’d imagine, probably a lot more than you think. Is anyone here filmed whilst at work, those working in retail and anywhere public I’d imagine. Those living in a major city are likely to be on CCTV whenever they leave the house. Cyclists - you’re probably being filmed a lot by dashboard cams on cars (not strictly CCTV I know). Hell, if we include spy satellites in the mix then it’s whenever you go outdoors. Kind of freaks my nut.

I’m a star! :star_struck:


Absolutely gonna be loads of me on cyclist helmet cams giving dirty looks when they were clearly trying to power across a zebra crossing I was using

Very little, relatively. I’m not being filmed at work and I try to not leave the house unless it’s absolutely necessary.


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At least 2/3s

not much really

You know who this would really annoy? The Man.


I love it when im watching someone from a train and they’re blowing their nose or like scratching their bum or like wiping crumbs off themselves and they think no ones watching.

I wish i was a CCTV camera.

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Wipe crumbs off yourself like no one’s watching
Blow your nose like no one’s looking
Learn to scratch your bum in the rain