How much of your phone memory are you using

8.18GB of 10.82GB for me


sorry internal memory only please

30.46gb of 53.49

still trying to decide how to chose the winner

i think individual prizes for “most space used” and “closest to full” is probably the way to go

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452mb free of 5.00gb total.


clears throat

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21.89gb of 48gb used

An anecdote to try and elevate the thread: got my phone nicked by one of those Marauding Moped Gangs last week so rocking a really shit, cracked iPhone 5 atm. Tried to backup from my previous phone and iCloud decided to upload all of my media - photos and vids - in duplicate, essentially rendering the phone useless for two days.

Anyway, I’ve used 12.71GB of a possible 13GB having deleted about three quarters of said duplicates.

i mean you can try but it’s already a classic


“12.4 GB of 16 GB Used”

If I Enabled “Offload Unused Apps” I could save 533.5 MB.

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What apps are they? “Official London 2012 Olympics The App” kind of thing or something like “egg timer”?

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67gb of 128gb


SD card

“Unnecessary data” feels a bit presumptuous.