How much of your time is spent each day

Doing various things? Like, how much time do you actually spend working, cooking, pissing about on the internet, cleaning etc.

Please feel free to add polls I’m just lazy.

In total? 24 hours (including sleeping)


Not incriminating myself



Genuinely intrigued

2-3 hours having a bath, that’s all I know sorry


Is it cold by the end or do you keep warming it?
Have your hands become immune to shrivellling up?

I run it really slowly and as hot as possible.

I like it to feel like I’m about to pass out or have a heart attack when I get out

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And the hands?

yeah I think they’re immune now

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That’s incredible

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it’s the best thing that can happen to a man

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About 6-7 hours sleeping

8-12 hours listening to music

Couple of hours eating

No idea about the rest



7 hours asleep
Hour reading
9 hours at work
Hour driving
Hour cooking
Hour watching telly / looking at the internet
Rest of time is drudge I guess

Saying “get dressed”/“brush your teeth”/“go to sleep”/“hurry up”/“eat your dinner” = 2 hours
Saying “don’t make me ask you [those things] again” = 1 hour
Shushing the cat = 3 hours


On a weekday…
6hrs sleeping
8ish hrs working
5hrs hanging out with kiddo
2hrs pricking around on my phone throughout the day
Notenough hrs stroking a cat

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6-8 hours sleeping
1-2 hours walking the dog
6-10 hours working
3-7 hours listening to music
3-4 hours pissing about on the internet/socials
1-2 hours eating
1 hour on toilet
6 minutes brushing teeth
0.5-2 hours driving
0-0.5 hours showering & related tasks like squeegeeing the glass, applying lotion, etc.
0.5 hours getting dressed and undressed and changing outfits
16 hours wishing I was doing something else