How much personal scrutiny do you accept from your tv?

You know, about your lifestyle or whatever
(significant other or television, I don’t really mind)

Live and let etc.

how much do they give? or the point where I stop them?

like I say “that’s enough personal scrutiny”

what does personal scrutiny mean?

Like suggesting what you should wear or telling you to stop biting your nails and stuff

she does a bit of that and I guess I accept it?

all of it.

it usually prevents me from going out with my fly undone and stuff like that.

Happy to let her pretty much dictate my life tbh, I yearn to abdicate all responsibility.


None? I don’t know… err… none? Haha.

Fuck off.

Fuck off.

So, none, but don’t get any (OF THAT KIND OF SCRUTINY) either.

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what kind DO you get

Absolutely none.

Don’t personally scrutinize either.

I would happily let her do all my clothes shopping for me tbqfhumble. Clothes shopping is probably in the bottom 3 of things I can’t stand.

Is that a principle or does your partner just do everything pretty much ok to begin with?

Dunno. Guess how much scrutiny you’re willing to put up with is in direct proportion to how much you like them. Or something.

My wife’s current wheeze is to point out that I lack emotional intelligence.

I’m not that fussed about it tbh, if I’m gonna but a t-shirt or whatever and she’s like “nah, not into that” I won’t buy the t-shirt as I don’t give a fuck either way.

But at the same time I only solicit scrutiny that I’m going to actually pay attention to really

Same as epimer, I don’t really get any scrutiny from Sir Witches at all, that I can think of anyway. I am unsure I’d take it well if he did, unless of course he was saying something that was in the end pretty helpful to bettering myself.

I have adapted my minky loading technique and she now puts the toilet roll on the holder the correct way

Ah that’s sort of the fork I’m at, because I’m pretty obviously a fuck up, but I worry about being controlled by certain people or wanting to make me someone else entirely.

Trying really hard not to make an anal sex joke here because I’m a mature adult.

My personal habits don’t get scrutinised and I don’t do scrutiny. We’re both independent adults choosing to share (quite a lot of) aspects of our lives, but I am who am I and as long as we’re acting within the boundaries of our relationships neither of us is going to tell the other what to do.

I’d be out the door in a heartbeat if I was being bossed around and I’d hope that goes both ways.


what if it’s like “you should want to do”… etc etc if I cared about them enough
that’s not ok is it

Keep misreading thread title as ‘personal security’