How much respect do you get?

In celebration of DiS finally awarding me the Respected badge.

Absolutely none. Seems about right, tbf.

Normal amounts

Almost none at all, I am not really that worthy of huge amounts of respect and I don’t really get much from the various people I interact with on a regular basis.

My problem is that I get too much respect.

Just a little bit


Regret not linking to this in OP.

Sometimes not nearly enough, sometimes way too much. Never satisfied I’m getting the appropriate level tbh


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hmm, very impressive idea. scratches chin and looks impressed

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Work life: enough. Probably too much, if anything

Personal Life: Little to none tbh


sub thread:
how much respect do you get from your family about your career?
i don’t want this to be important to me but it is. my mum doesn’t understand what i do at all and think she assumes I have way less status, expertise etc than I actually have, not to mention way less of a positive impact in the world. not that i have masses of either of those but idk.
i left a steady job a few years ago to do something way more interesting, rewarding and valuable, got way more respect from my peers and friends than I’d had before but I think way less from my mum, mainly because I earned fuck all for a few years and had no security etc. she just wants me to be happy but basically can’t fathom a happiness outside the “security” and “stability” which are the root of hers.
what a whining little bastard, fuck off

My mum doesn’t really understand what I do and doesn’t ask questions to find out. But when I said I was thinking of applying for a job in a different profession out of desperation (nothing suitable was coming up and the workplace bullying was really affecting my mental health), she said “I’m not surprised”, i.e. as if you could do a proper grown-up job anyway.

So I guess that’s a very roundabout and insulting way to show respect for it…?

Mums, eh. What a bunch of bastards.

I tell ya I don’t get no respect. My wife likes to talk during sex, last night she phoned me from a motel.

not sure if this is rank paranoia or I’m not following your point

very little in some places, and more in others. I think I mostly get respected when I’m comfortable with the people around me, and perhaps when they’re more used to my idiosyncrasies.

But yeah respect is probably the biggest thing in human interactions

She (my sister too) think I’m one of those daft clever people who can’t actually function in the real world. That she was unsurprised that I was thinking of leaving my profession implies that it’s a proper, real-world job that’s worthy of respect.

max. absolute max. the maximum respect.

I get this from my mother (or at least I used to…)

Now she doesn’t really understand what I do and that suits me fine.