How much sun on sunday thread

how much sun do you have?
operating at about 15-20% sun here. not great but looks better than yesterday.

I’m at the airport waiting to fly to california where I hope there will be a significant sun improvement.

what r u up 2 DiS?

have a great day

0% sun currently. Sky is overcast.

Just had cheese on toast for breakfast, bit of habanero sauce on. Lovely stuff you would think except we bought low fat cheddar last week, no issue with the taste and it’s been fine grated on pasta, etc the low fat content is an issue for melting though. Rather than turning molten and greasy as usual, it just bubbled up and started burning. Still a functional cheese on toast, but not up to the usual standard.

Taking doggo for a walk shortly before she goes home this afternoon.

Going for nachos and tacos and emapanadas and etc tonight :smiley:

seems bright enough outside but not quite sure on %

got to go for a 20 mile run soon

cheese on toast for breakfast?! bold move, foxy


been awake since 7 sneezing and being snotty and gross. can’t stand having a cold. watched three episodes of twin peaks already today. got ~12 hours to kill before i can go to bed :confused:

get some soup e4

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Get well soon bud :slight_frown:


I’m not sure there is any controversy regarding C-o-T for breakfast outside of this place…

Today I’m sat in a hotel in Scoootland.

Had some breakie, gonna snooze through the day then in work about 3 until late/early.

@japes what you doing in Cali?
@urbanfox I’ve made that mistake with low fat cheese, never again. :thumbsdown:

Just checked, 0% sun here. At least it doesn’t seem to be raining though.

Back has been aching ever since I got up. Maybe it’s my back’s way of telling me I should just stay in bed.

where bounce in scotland hun?

going for work, just for a week-ish. will be alright but cba

Almost zero. I’m at Graz station waiting for a train and it’s foggy. This is not what I expect of Austria. Crisp snow and sunshine please.

I discovered the weird world of perfume websites yesterday. I want to buy some perfume, I’m not happy with the L’Occitane stuff I’ve got, so I tried out some different ones in a department store yesterday, to later buy in duty free. The one I really liked was £120 a bottle and my budget was more like £30-40.

So I thought I would look at some perfume websites to see if there were any cheaper perfumes that are similar. They’re just full of people going “uh why are these perfume houses demeaning themselves making this commercial stuff. I mean the great unwashed might actually buy and wear this stuff. How awful”.

I suppose they will only be happy with perfume made from the scent of beautiful young maidens. (Also a bit rich to complain that nothing has real Indian sandal or oud wood extracts in these days when those trees are endangered and protected)


This hotel has no door hanger thing to say “do not disturb”/“leave me the fuck alone”… looking forward to someone busting in the room as I’m just nodding off to sleep :confused:

Sort of between Lanark (nice and leafy) and Motherwell (grim as all hell… although I did some Neds in the wild the other night!)

It’s fully overcast but it’s brighter than yesterday.

Getting a train into London in a bit. We’ve got tickets for the London Ghost Bus tour which should be fun. Beforehand we might go to the Sherlock Holmes museum or just wander around.

This train has old-fashioned compartments. And I have one entirely to myself. :+1:


Have you been to the Sherlock Holmes museum before? It’s hilariously bad.

write ‘leAve me aloNe’ on some bog roll and wrap it round the door handle

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:smile: even if they can’t read my hand writing it should scare them off :smile:

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Why would I not take this opportunity?