How much time do you aim to leave between arriving at the airport and catching your flight?

I can be pretty relaxed in an airport. On the plane is a different matter.

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If the flight leaves at 5, I’ll get there for 2 at the latest. Enough time for 4 or 5 pre flight pints n breakfast (all day) plus some browsing items I’ll never buy time

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Posted this last week but it’s still appropriate



Personal, life changing nightmare right there


It’s even worse than it sounds.

it was mid-takeoff diarrhea. Basically had to beg an extremely unsympathetic flight attendant to let me use the toilet while the plane was taxiing. In full view of both colleagues AND another colleague who was inexplicably flying back from a non-work trip on the same flight


Outbound 2hr
Inbound (especially from us) 3hr to account for “random extra search” from security

went to bournemouth aeroport once and it took about 10 minutes to get through everything and there was nothing there to do whatsoever

You know when you ask why me and 'er indoors are together? It’s basically this.

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I always pop the vally whilst walking up to the plane doors so you can just sit down and relax

(or dart to the bathroom)

Southend airport is like this.

For me it depends on the time of day, where I’m flying from and also if I want to eat at the airport, enjoy the lounge etc

The pre-boarding queue is the most stressful part for me so I need to be dosed up by then.

Still figuring it out. But hard cap of two Valium from now on, Christ.

I accidentally didn’t arrive at Manchester airport for a flight to Belfast until about 15 minutes before the departure time. Still made it.

(Admittedly had to properly run through the airport and had a panic when I realised I’d dropped my passport somewhere in the process)


Depends innit. Airport, long haul, short haul, who I’m flying with etc.

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Look just answer the question ffs

Depends on the size of the airport, but even if it’s somewhere tiny, I don’t think I’d allow much less than an hour and a half.

Also depends how easy it is to get there, how often any public transport runs, etc, etc.

One of my friends, who I’ve traveled with a few times, is a staunch believer that 2 hours is used to encourage airport shopping (probably true) so he aims for about 30 minutes (probably risky). He’s not fun to travel with

Had about 20 minutes two years ago in Manchester airport for a flight to Valencia. When I got to the gate I felt like a king

Depends innit. Do I wanna get the lagers in wi the lads?!

I would have if I didn’t spend 10 minutes at the gate emptying out my bag in a frantic search for my boarding pass until 2 other lads getting on the flight casually sauntered up behind and handed it to me