How much time do you give something before deciding it's shite?

I read comics, play computer games and have a lot of lego. I’m a man-baby, but that’s just the stuff I enjoy. Life’s too short to pretend I care about golf or classic cars or something.


It’s been a while since we’ve called the whaaaaambulance out :ambulance:


I’ve never played a video game in my life. I don’t mind people who do, so long as they don’t talk about it and do it in a different room than the one I’m in. Meaning my boyfriend spends the entire evening in the bedroom and then complains that he never sees me.

No and I’m not sure it’s a good idea. I need to save money, not be tempted into buying more lego.


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You can accurately judge game of thrones as utter shit without watching a second of it. Ditto Mrs. Brown’s Boys

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balonz has a way with words

It’s hard to see how golf or classic cars aren’t equally man-babyish anyway tbh.

I dunno, I’m probably just being a cunt. Sorry everyone.

I like anything that focuses my attention - I drift off a lot when reading books or watching films/TV. Used to really enjoy painting my Warhammer figures for the same reason.

I tend to build things without really having much of a plan in mind, other than knowing it’s going to be a spaceship, so just going with it and seeing what absolute fucking masterpiece I end up with.

You’re not and you’ve nothing to apologise for in this thread from what I can see.


Nah, you’re not being a cunt, just a bit defensive to one person’s generalisation.

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some horrible shit in this thread


Yeah sorry I was probs being a bit windy up!

HOWEVER same can be said for women who like Disney and whole bunch of other stuff.

women like videogames too… just throwing that out there

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and I just wanted to be in meowington’s gang.

(am I in??)

Ok sorry I wouldn’t date a woman who played video games

Sorry should have stated that too.

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think i misinterpreted that last post

soz, move on

My stock line when anyone asks me about games.

genuinely think if somebody said that to me i’d think they were an arsehole

it’s not 1995, games have moved on. it’s not all call of duty and gta.


Friend sent me a messerschmidt bf 109 in the post the other day for a joke. It wasn’t a joke to me. I thoroughly enjoyed wasting a Saturday painting and gluing that luftwaffe beauty together