How much time do you give something before deciding it's shite?

I think it’s essential that a guy own a SNES, simply because I don’t have one anymore (My Dad gave mine away and no I still haven’t forgiven him) However, all other games consoles can get tae…

Spent three seasons (maybe four?) watching Game Of Thrones and hating it. Dunno why

But the same can be said for anything and it’s a bullshit excuse imo.
“well I COULD be out murdering people so be grateful I’m just playing computer games for 10 hours a day” etc etc

Are you really telling me that you’ve never made a sweeping generalization about anyone ever?
Like people who read the Daily Mail?
Or people who watch Love Island?

It’s hardly the most unreasonable turn off out there.

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Instead they just get super defensive about it.
talks into headset no john, i wasn’t talking to you, LETS SHOOT THEM UP yes john I was talking to you that time


Well let’s see. I read the entirety of the Game of Thrones books and watched the first four seasons (I think?) before I realised that it’s abysmal. I saw Mogwai twice and listened repeatedly to every single one of their albums up to and including Rave Tapes before I realised that they’re outrageously boring. So… I don’t know? I give most things far too much time.

I will always try and see films and books through to the end.

Gaming, though, I’m a lot less forgiving. Probably because I don’t have much time to do it anymore!

Usually just base it off the name and the synopsis tbh most thinga I think are shit I havent bothered giving a go

Personally I couldn’t possibly date anybody who indulges in the slightest amount of escapism, if they’re not looking into the epidermis of apocalyptic unrelenting misery then what the fuck is the point eh?


i rarely give up on things cos i rarely start things i know are going to be bollocks.

TV shows: i’ll start something, and at the point at which I find that more things about it annoy me than are enjoyable, I’ll take a break from it, ‘mean to get back to it’ and never get round to it. (Kimmy Schmidt, Black Books)

films: very rarely give up on films unless they’re long or super boring or i’m not in the mood for them

books: regularly fuck them off because reading is way too much effort for so little enjoyment… regularly comparative to how often i start them, anyway (infrequently)

I’m very fussy about performance and script. If I consider the writing to be bad I’ll give up on TV very quickly. I abandoned The Expanse after five minutes. If I’m watching with someone else I’ll probably give something slightly longer, bailed out on True Detective Season 2 after twenty minutes. But if something is of an acceptable quality but just isn’t grabbing me I’ll probably watch up to two episodes before giving up.

I hardly read at all these days but I’ll give up on a book at pretty much any point if it starts to disappoint. I always flick through to gauge the quality of the writing so it’s likely to be plot or characterisation that makes me bin it.

I know you didn’t mention film but I’ll bail very quickly for poor writing/dialogue. I sacked off the X Men origins thing about Wolverine after about four minutes. Also happy to give up at any point thereafter, didn’t bother watching the last twenty minutes of the first Avengers film, for instance, because I figured the goodies would win and couldn’t be bothered to watch people throwing buses around any longer.

Don’t play a lot of computer games and am difficult to hook. Last game I played all the way through was probably Red Dead Redemption or Portal. About ten to twenty minutes is probably enough for me to know if it’s the kind of game I’ll enjoy.

just the other day my friend was saying how he’d rather play Tomb Raider than spend time with the woman he’s sort of going out with.

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also don’t think there’s anything wrong with totally disregarding something if the brief excerpt you experience is actually painful to endure because it’s so terrible/cringey (Game of Thrones)

Point. Proven.

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There’s been about 4 well written TV shows in history

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Also Ed Sheeran appearing on Game of Thrones tells you literally everything you need to know about everyone who’s ever been involved in the making of the show or just enjoyed it at any point tbqh


I’d sack off Cheers and put in Peep Show, and the fourth one is True Detective Season 1

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Clearly this is insane.

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A few minutes for a TV show, but I have fairly low standards for what I can find mildly enjoyable, so will stick with most things if I get through that first episode. A lot of albums I quite enjoy for a few songs but then inexplicably stop listening so I can put on something that I already know and like, and I haven’t finished a book in ages despite enjoying what I have read of several.

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Find it a bit sad that people look down on this with such disdain.

We all make sweeping generalisations about people. That’s what we do. Most of DiS wouldn’t go out with a member of the Conservative Party or someone who was an obsessive Kasabian fan I doubt etc. Don’t see why gaming’s any different.

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