How much time do you spend on your phone a day

Don’t wanna look.


Yeesh, 6 hrs 9 mins average for me. I need to cut down.

Last weeks average 6 hours 5 mins for me

As actual if I’m going to look and find that out

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4 hours each day this week except Monday which was 6.

70 unlocks so far today :grimacing:

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102 unlocks today, 3 hours so far.

Tuesday was nearly 8 hours.



2 Hours 44 mins so far today, 119 unlocks hahaha

62 unlocks today

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5 to 8 hours sometimes. Got a lot worse since the summer because my new work laptop is pretty locked down so I use my phone for all day time procrastinating now.

Set up timers on all my main apps to cut down my usage, worked for a week now I just immediately ignore them.


seem to be keeping it under 3 hours, but pretty well every phone thing can also be done on work laptop which I’m on for 10 hours a day :face_vomiting:

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Average of 5hrs per day from Saturday to yesterday

4hrs30 average. A lot at weird times when up with a baby tbh.

It’s been a LOT worse mind you.

So far today - 1 hour but that’s because my phone is in my bag all day at work, reckon I’m up to 3-4 hours a day by bed time

My advice is get a job where you can’t go on your phone. Oh and a dog that needs an hour walk each evening. :person_shrugging::star_struck:

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How do I see this? (Android)

Found it

Not judging in any way whatsoever because reasons and etc, but genuinely shocked to find out people (me maybe included, idk) pick up their phone over a hundred times in just a few hours. Would’ve guessed the average per day would be around 10-15.

What app is this you’re all using?

This is a pretty good week for me, tbh.