How much water do you use per day?

Obviously you don’t have to reply to every thread like if you don’t know.

Apparently we use 390 litres a day.

Seems a lot.

They asked if i’d considered a butt. Seemed a bit personal, but hey ho.

Let’s keep the pointless technical nonsense to a minimum.

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no idea

(it’s not metered)


Washing machine uses abour 60l a load
10min shower about 70l
5l on food/drink per day at a guess.
About 6l per flush

So gonna guess around 120l so guess if theres 3 or 4 of you, it would be about right.

(Though it’s part of coucil tax bill here)

I have a butt but I’ve never used it

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77m3 per year, which works out at about 210 litres per day, between 2 of us, I think.

That doesn’t include water drunk at work, obviously.

how much is in a bathtub?

No idea. Haven’t had a bill since we moved in.

By which I mean, I’ve not bothered to contact Severn Trent yet. I’d better ring them on Monday, actually.

In the flat we averaged 220 litres a day.

This done me

It’s interesting that people are only considering the water that comes out of their taps…

If you fill it a third full, once (which is about the usual amount), it’s usually about 70 litres.

I don’t drink my own urine.

Can’t have a meter where I am but it say incredibly little.

Thanks for reading.

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more like half full for me and sometimes I have two baths a day so about 200 litres on baths alone


don’t pay for water here so have no way of knowing.

loads probably.

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