How much water have you drunk today?


drunk or drank I don’t know.

I’m half way through a 1.5 litre bottle of tap water.



2 mugs of coffee.


and my 3rd should be here shortly


zero pure water. would you like me to list everything i’ve drunk that isn’t water?

0.5 mugs of coffee


None yet.

About to get my standard morning pint of water and pint of tea though.


None yet, plan to buy a Dr Pepper zero shortly


yes please.


pint of tea?!




He’s a squalid hedonist


250ml orange juice
500ml water

So far.


so far. so good


0 waters, but just about to crack into my first cuppa of the day.


So far? nothing. About to fill up my water bottle though.


One cup of teas worth.


So far

1x mug of coffee
1x tea (about 1/4 of a mug still to drink)
1x nuttella glass of OJ
About half a pint of water


I anticipate that by the end of the working day I will have had another 750ml of water, and by the end of the day, a further 500ml.


You drank.
You have drunk.

You’re drunk?


I am drunk
I was drank


Probably equates to about that yeah, big fuck off mug innit