How much water have you had today? 🚰

  • Basically none
  • 1 glass
  • 2-3 glasses
  • Loads, mate!

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My boss kindly brought us all 1.5L bottles of volvic and and I’m probably a glass away from finishing it off. Don’t think I’ve ever drunk this much water in my life!

How’s your water intake usually?

  • i live for dehydration
  • meh, not bad
  • good to decent
  • i’m hydrated as fuck at all times

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someone can bust out the urine chart if they wanna

I have had exactly a pint and a half of water today and a pint of tea

not bad!

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I basically won’t drink anything else now until I take my sleeping pill later tonight though which is bad.

i’m trying to be better

2 cups of tea so ~ 700ml

I’m not really

ah, but caffeine is a diuretic! technically you have had minus two glasses of water

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this is like the pasta sauce all over again

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alright dr science, how much of a cup of tea is water and how much is negative water?

It’s all positive water. The idea that you need to be drinking litres and litres of water on top of what you get from food and other drinks is total bumhat.


i’m gonna tell all your science friends i made you say ‘positive water’

All water is positive and also negative. It’s amphoteric.

i… erm… ok

1 bottle of M&S cucumber and mint sparkling water.

Got a (normal sized) cup of tea that’s cooling now, ready to drink in a sec.


What of it?

nothing, your majesty!