How much will you spend on Christmas this year? (SSP, No Chat)



  • £500-£1000
  • £1001-£2000
  • £2001-£3000
  • £3001-£4000
  • £4001-£5000
  • Over £5000

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Under €400. Easily.




My low ticket is my only chrimbo purchase this year


Depends on what counts. Does my ticket home count?

Otherwise, about £20


Only buy for four people now my sister has had kids as we all agreed. Both my parents, my little bro and my boyf. Three of those have November birthdays, and two of us tend to work over Xmas anyway so we just use A day near the 25th as a meal and matter. ~£500 in open-on-the-day pressies, then see the rest individually for a special day out at some point. Meals/Apple store/blowjob/delete as applicable.

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£100 on gf (agreed limit)
£100 on family
£10 on miserable pints of beer when I can’t cope with the city centre on the 20th of december


Ah, come on man. Editing peoples threads and deleting stuff’s not that cool.


Up to £30 each for 11 family members plus 4 in-laws
Up to £100 for husband


Hang on, wasn’t there a poll in the op before?


About tree fiddy.


Just dropped 400 big ones on girlfriends gift. I guess half of it is for me though.


That’s a lot to spend on a double-ender.


Nah I totally shopped around and that seemed the going rate.

Should have waited til January







Dunno mate. I’m more or less post-money at this point.