How much would it take for you to eat a whole chicken in a can


(this is a real thing)


Let’s have a look at what this idiot did… in America.


Just had a proper déjà vu flashback to another thread from way back

Could I get some Nandos sauce for it?


What a fantastic way to break your tinned food virginity


If i’m allowed to cook it - £250.

Raw - £350.


That tin suggests it’s already ‘fully cooked’.


£30,000 as is or £25,000 if I can add sauces, £10,000 if I can just make it in to another dish


yeah you just wash off the gunk and it’s ready to go


Honestly this looks worse than 95% of the ‘bush tucker trial’ things. boke.


Can’t believe Sweet Sue didn’t call it ChiCan.


but it looks so nice on the label


That looks appalling


I read this as ‘How much would it take for you to eat a whole chicken on the can’…


Get paid for doing something you love - from home!


I’ll give you a fiver for it.


I’m guessing that thing wasn’t ever free range :frowning:


Born in a can.


In the case of this man, a 50th wedding anniversary-


great review 'Mr Lailey, a former soldier, said he had not felt ill since eating the chicken. ’


I’ll do it for £100 (having eaten something very similar in the past).

(with sauce, it’ll be £80).