How much would it take...

Inspired by this horrible story, my colleagues have been discussing how much money they would need to be offered to part ways with their own foreskin. Going rate seems to be about £50k.

Would you accept £20k like this poor chap?

I’m alright thanks.

Don’t have one :person_shrugging:

Guy’s response to being told has done me in.

“Oh, have you?”

Fucking hell :')

I’d do it for 5 probably although my mate who had it done said that morning glory was the most painful thing imaginable for a couple of weeks afterwards

Make it 10k

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I don’t want to lose any sensation. Would take a LOT of money.

…do I get to keep it as a souvenir?

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Really don’t get what issue guys have with circumcision. I had it when I was young and it never bothered me. Plus circumcised dicks look way better


Yeah I’d talk a big game but anything over about £30 would get serious, serious consideration

Bloody thing is nothing but a pain in the arse, I’d let it go for anything in the region of £1500


If you can offer me a good recuperation package where pain is minimal then it’s yours for about £500

Will this become a foreskin bidding war

  • Definitely
  • Undoubtedly

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Actually, depends what they need it for.

No making a vase out of skin.

I would imagine having a part of your body removed without your knowledge or consent would be quite a bit more traumatising than knowing and choosing to have it done

I’d do it for a tenner