How much would you like to earn


People saying that it is immoral to earn over £30k or whatever. How much would you like to earn for your current job? You can have whatever you like. Let’s say that you can only give 5% to chazza and the rest is lucre just for you, your family, how you spend it now. Full time, doing the job you are doing or last one you were doing.

Don’t need to know what you earn now or that you give more than 5% to chaz.


£52m a year




ten pounds


I’d like to earn enough that it would cover my living costs

I’d take an immoral amount as well


of diamonds


£20k a year would be enough for me to do and enjoy everything I want for the rest of my life.


about what I’m earning now I guess


Reckon I should be on about £35k less. I could just about justify that to myself.


£65K would suffice


how many diamonds can i buy for £10


i will come and work for you for £35k/annum. two birds with one stone, innit.


Depends on the pension and perks I suppose


Reckon they pay a lot more than £35k!!!

haha lawyer joke


i’ve changed my mind. i think i’ll stay poor.




260k in your pension pot when you retire and two staff BBQs a year


I reckon £30k a year would be enough for me to pay all bills and debts, provide for me and Mrs F (who can’t work at the moment) and pay for her Masters without her incurring further debts, and then have a nice amount left for holidays, new hats, exotic meats etc…
I’d have, however, no moral qualms about earning a lot more. I’d trust myself to donate a fake whack of it/not turn into the Monopoly man.


Why is it immoral to earn over £30k?


What age can you claim that pension at?

What age if you’re happy to forgo the barbecues?